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    Jexus Manager

    The ultimate toolbox for IIS/IIS Express users and more.


    A production of LeXtudio.

  • Simple but powerful

    A tool with unique features to take care of all the details.

    Feeling Familiar

    Experience with Microsoft IIS Manager can apply to Jexus Manager immediately, due to the similarity in user interface.


    Jexus Manager brings the same love to IIS Express and Jexus web server.

    Diagnostics Revamped

    Powerful diagnostics tools are just a few clicks away. Detailed reports reveal potential problems in just a few seconds.


    Currently it ships with SSL Diagnostics, Binding Diagnostics, Visual Studio Project Diagnostics, and PHP Diagnostics.

    Options Modernized

    Configuration wizards provide extra options to fine tune the behaviors, like the self-signed certificate wizard.


    Latest web site best practices such as trends on site security are applied wherever possible.

  • Supported Platforms

    Web server support on a few different operating systems.

    IIS/IIS Express


    Jexus web server

    Linux, and more

  • Useful Resources

    Everything you need to make Jexus Manager best companion.

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    Source Code

    Every line is precious

    The source code of Jexus Manager is available at GitHub.

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    All secrets are shared

    The documentation site contains many tips and tricks.

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    A Growing Monster

    From a simple utility to a powerful toolbox.

  • Contact Us

    You can contact us by opening an issue on GitHub.