SSL Diagnostics

By Lex Li

This page shows you how to use SSL Diagnostics.

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IIS 6 used to have a great troubleshooting tool called SSL Diagnostics (SSL Diag for short) . It relied on IIS ADSI API, so this tool was not made part of IIS 7 and above.

Of course you can use the IIS 6 version if you enable IIS 6 Compatibility component on IIS 7 and above, but it would be less convenient.

A Microsoft employee Vijayshinva Karnure developed a newer version that relied only on IIS 7+ new API, and released it on .

It works for all IIS versions (up to 10), but it does not work for IIS Express.

The Built-in SSL Diagnostics in Jexus Manager

For web servers opened in Jexus Manager, there is an action called SSL Diagnostics showed.


A report is generated when “Generate Report” button is clicked.